User Registration

How users can be registered and activated

Registration via ZRP

Users can register via the ZRP registration pages (Zentral Registrierung Prozess).

The registration is done in 2 steps, the first being the user filling in the registration form and submitting it.

After this step completes the user's data is stored in our database as a pending user which is not a fully fledged user and may even not become one.

The transition into becoming a registered user is done after the user activates his account via a link that has been sent to his e-mail address. After this, the user will be in the ACTIVE state.

The registration pages are available under the urls:

Registration via REST call

Register User Request

The creation of users is possible via the /registeruserrequest resource. The registration process represents the creation of the user, followed by confirmation of the account (activation). The resource allows the creation of the user in one of the following states:

The password is an optional field in the request. If provided, it is set for the user account. If not provided, it must be entered when the user tries to activate or login.

The identifier for the user account (HMGUserID) can be sent in the request. If none is provided, then a new one is generated. If the account is already present in HGSP, the registration will fail for all cases except OFFLINE and PENDING. In the former case the identifier of the existing user is kept. In the latter, the identifier is modified to the value sent in the request.

Request sample:


Once a user is registered, if created in PENDING or PENDING_ACTIVE, before using the account, the user must activate. To this end, an activation email was sent out.


In order for a user account to be usable, it must be activated. To this regard, an email is sent to the email of the account. The activation URL and code can be obtained by client applications via a GET on /users?email=value.

Once the activation code is entered, the account is active and the user can login to Mein Konto or any other Haufe application.

A REST resource is also available under /activationrequest. The user's email and the activation code is needed for the request.

Password change

If no password was provided when the user account was created, the user will have the introduce the password before activation.

The user password can be changed via the /passwordchangerequest REST resource. A valid SSO token is needed for the request and it can be executed by the user or by a service user.

Password reset

The user password can be reset via the /passwordresetrequest REST resource. A GET will return a password reset code and a POST will change the password.

Register with partner


If when redirecting to ZRP for user registration the user to be registered should be linked to a specific partner you can add the query parameter partnerId=<partnerId>


To register a user via a call to registerUserRequest and also specify a partner the user should be linked to, add the partner id in the RefID field of the payload like shown below: