Atlantic API Portal

This is the API hub for Atlantic Foundational Services.


Welcome to the API Portal for the Haufe Foundational Services, which are a part of the HGSP (Haufe Gruppe Service Platform) project.

HGSP provides, among others, license and user management services in the Haufe Gruppe landscape. HGSP is used by a large array of internal and external projects. The system also plays the role of a common fa├žade over other Haufe backend systems. The portal offers information regarding the REST services exposed by HGSP.

Feel free to roam the documentation; if there is something missing, send us an email at For an overview of the content of this API Portal, please view the Table of Content.

These pages are subject to change anytime; we strive for API stability, but we cannot promise we won't change things which will make your API Client break. If you feel this is happening for wrong reasons, please reach out as soon as possible.